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panasonicDuctless HVAC systems have continued to gain ground as people try to find alternatives to window units and conventional central systems. Most people prefer ductless systems because they provide a cost-effective option in situations where using a ducted air conditioner would not be practical. Given that the evaporator and the condenser are two distinct and separate components, the mini spills are quieter, and more energy efficient, as compared to the air room conditioners.

mitsubishiReasons for choosing Ductless systems:

Cost Effective

Installation of the ductless HVAC systems is less costly than ducted air conditioners, owing to their long life span and related cost saving features. They help in the elimination of ductwork and air distribution systems in buildings, resulting in substantial cost savings. Their installation saves home construction companies from inconveniences caused by forced modifications of building designs to create room for ductwork. Additionally, they provide comfortable, efficient heating and cooling options at superior energy efficiency ratings that can result in significant annual savings on utility bills.

Energy Efficient

fujitsuThe ductless HVAC systems increase efficiency by eliminating friction loss, design deficiencies, and leakages. Installing separate fan coil units in your home allows you to adjust your cooling systems to different thermostat levels.Traditional air conditioning systems are complicated in a way that they use many interconnected duct runs necessary for delivering conditioned air to various sub domains within the building. The duct work is a very inefficient air distribution method. Poorly designed or improperly installed distribution systems account for more than 30% of the total energy consumed. Ductless systems provide for zone cooling, which allows for lower temperatures in unoccupied rooms, resulting in substantial energy savings.

Enhanced Healthy Living

Conventional air distribution systems accumulate dirt, and debris with time. Condensation adds moisture, thus promoting the propagation of microbial agents such as mold and fungi, which affect the indoor air quality and increase allergies, asthma and other related respiratory problems. It is impossible to seal windows completely, and this allows outdoor contaminants to enter the living areas. Ductless systems have an evaporator coil that is accessible and easy to clean.

With a properly installed ductless HVAC system, your building is protected from harmful materials such dirt and debris, thus promoting a cleaner, fresh and healthy home.

Ductless systems are more secure and environmental-friendly, making them a better alternative to traditional room air conditioners. Call Turn Key Heating & Air to learn more about the benefits of a ductless HVAC system.