Duct cleaning

is not a priority for most homeowners when thinking of maintaining their heating and cooling system. Duct cleaning involves more than just dusting—it encompasses cleaning drain pans, condenser coils, changing of filters, and routine annual inspections to ensure the system is in good shape. Turn Key Heating & Air has years of experience in handling all ductwork, including fabrication of new duct work, installation, and replacement of worn parts.

Home ventilation is perhaps the most vulnerable area that can cause poor indoor air quality.

By allowing a company to inspect your ductwork, you will improve the quality of your indoor air and reduce annual energy costs in your home. If your home has an HVAC system that has been operating for a while without maintenance, chances are that dust, odors, and harmful contaminants are now circulating in your rooms.

With less efficient ductwork, your pocket will certainly take the heat. Dirt, debris and other contaminants can affect the flow of air in the ventilation system, and making it work harder and keeping operating costs high. You can rest assured that your system is working properly by allowing technicians from Turn Key to clear your vents, clean the duct work, and ensure free flow of air.

Most homeowners believe duct cleaning is limited to duct air.

On the contrary, duct cleaning extends beyond ordinary cleaning and skilled experts at Turn Key Heating & Air understand that duct cleaning should include inspecting your HVAC unit, cleaning the blower, evaporator coils and all hidden components of your central heating and cooling system. Better still, certified technicians will check the trunk line, individual air ducts, as well as vent covers for any damage or obstruction. From the dreaded task of vent cleaning to complete air duct cleaning, our experienced HVAC professionals always clean the ventilation system as if it was their own.

If you are not sure whether you need air duct cleaning service, here are some signs that your ductwork cleaning is overdue:

  • An increased variance in the airflow and temperature
  • Excess dust on your appliances
  • Dusty Supply and return vents
  • Dark filtration lines that can be seen on the carpet, ceilings, walls as well as the vents

When it comes to addressing these issues, Turn Key does not use shortcuts nor take your work for granted—they know that a cleaner, healthier home begins with clean and properly functioning ductwork.


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